Lumb Lectures

The Lumb Lecture is established in honour of the late Professor Peter Lumb who had made significant contributions in the development of geotechnical engineering in Hong Kong

Professor Lumb was both a practicing engineer and dedicated researcher, well known for his pioneering research in slope failures in Hong Kong. It is fitting that the first two Lumb Lectures were related to geotechnical practice and failure of slopes. Both lectures were most stimulating, demonstrating the importance of understanding the basic mechanism of soil failures and engineering judgment in dealing with geotechnical problems.

Lumb Lectures delivered in the past

Lecture Speaker Date
The story of statistics in Geotechnical Engineering Professor Kok Kwang Phoon
Distinguished Professor, National University of Singapore
Developing smart underground infrastructure using new generation sensor techniques Professor Kenichi Soga
Chancellor's Professor at the University of California-Berkeley
Eurocode 7 – Good practice in geotechnical design Professor Brian Simpson
Arup Fellow and Honorary Professor of the University of Nottingham
Lumb's Legacy Dr John Endicott
AECOM (Asia) Limited
Lessons Learntfrom Typhoon Morakot and Hazard Prevention and Mitigation in Taiwan Dr Moh Za-chieh
MAA Group
Uncertainty, Reliability and Foundation Engineering Professor KULHAWY Frederick
Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
Geo-environmental Aspects of Groundwater Pollution Professor CHERRY John
University of Waterloo
Geotechnical Challenges in Hydropower Development in China Professor LEE C F
The University of Hong Kong
Failure of Slopes and Soil Property Characterisation Professor ISHIHARA Kenji
Chuo University, Tokyo and the Science University of Tokyo
Performance in Geotechnical Practice Professor MORGENSTERN Norbert
The University of Alberta, Canada

The Organising Committee

Ir Profession THAM L George THe University of Hong Kong Chairman
Ir Professor LEE CF THe University of Hong Kong Member
Ir Professor LEE KK THe University of Hong Kong Member
Ir Professor CHENG YM The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Ir PUN WK Geotechnical Engineering Office Member
Ir WONG HN Geotechnical Engineering Office Member
Ir Dr LI Victor Victor Li & Associates Limited Member