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Geotechnical engineeering for infrastructure developments

18 May 2018

UCS on Cement Stabilised Soils

29 November 2017

Ir Philip WK Chung & Ir Florence Chu
The Evaluation of Slope Stability Analysis: A further 25-year perspective

12 December 2017

Professor Norbert Morgenstern
Report on Mount Polley Mines Tailings Storage Facility Breach

13 December 2017

Professor Norbert Morgenstern
Geo-Innovation - Innovations and Technological Advances in Geotechnical Engineering

11 December 2017

Geotechnical Division, HKIE
Interim Guidelines on Testing of Unconfined Compressive Strength of Cement Stabilised Soil Cores in Hong Kong

20 October 2017

G-evolution: Geotechnical Practice in Hong Kong

19 May 2017

Trenchless Construction of Phase IIIA Disctrict Cooling System

26 October 2016

Reclamation: Challenges and Beyond

3 June 2016

Updates on C580 - Seminar and Workshop

9 December 2015

Dr Asim Gaba
Geotechnical Challenges of Hillside and Coastal Development

17 November 2015

Soil-structure Interaction: From Modelling to Observations

22 May 2015

Common pitfalls and important notes in Using Geotechnical Computer Program

17 September 2014

Ir Dr Mark Chan
Improving Modelling Accuracy

17 September 2014

Dr Chao Li
Challenges and Recent Advance in Geotechnics for Foundation Engineering

30 May 2014

The design and construction of a 60m high reinforced soil retaining wall in the UAE

4 April 2014

Ir Chaido Doulala-Rigby (Yuli)
Design Illustrations on the Use of Soil Nails to Upgrade Loose Fill Slopes

27 Nov 2013

Construction of a new type of retaining walls with stabilizing base using precast panels at Tolo Highway Widening

10 October 2013

Ir Benson Lam and Ir John Chan
Geotechnical Aspects of Housing Supply and Development

31 May 2013

Geotechnical Aspects of Tunnelling for Infrastructure Development

25 May 2012

Response to Comment on Report on "Design of Soil Nails for Upgrading Loose Fill Slopes"

14 October 2011

HKIE, Geotechnical Division and GEO, CEDD
Proceedings of HKIP-HKIE Joint Conference on Planning and Development of Underground Space

22 September 2011

Design of Soil Nails for Upgrading Loose Fill Slopes


Geotechnical Engineering Office, CEDD & Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Geotechnical Division
Proceedings of APEC Seminar on State-of-the-Art Deep Excavation Works in Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong

21 May 2011

Landslide Risk Reduction through Works

20 May 2011

The Hans Cloos Lecture: The Construction of Urban Geology to the Development, Regeneration and Conservation of Cities

14 September 2010

Prof. Martin Culshaw
Geotechnical Aspects of Deep Excavation

6 May 2010

Technical Seminar on Ground Control for Slurry TBM Tunnelling

21 April 2010

Mr Nick Shirlaw
New Priority Ranking System for Selection of Man-made Slopes

16 September 2009

Ir Anthony YT Lam and Ir Patty Cheng
Key References Related to Tunnel Works in Hong Kong, June 2009

1 July 2009

Natural Hillsdies: Study and Risk Mitigation Measures

17 April 2009

Notes on Professional Assessment for MHKIE(G) - Basic Geotechnical Engineering Knowledge Requirements

19 September 2008

Design of Temporary Excavation and Lateral Support System for the DSD Sheung Wan Stormwater Pumping Station

18 June 2008

Ir Dr Eric Li
Applications of Innovative Technologies in Geotechnical Works

2 May 2008

Regulatory Control on Blasting

18 Jan 2008

Ir Vincent Tse
2007 International Forum on Landslide Disaster Management Post-Forum Workshop : "Recent Development in Natural Terrain Landslide Risk Management and Mitigation"

13 Dec 2007

Flowing Fluid Electric Conductivity (FFEC) Logging Method for Determination of Hydraulic Properties of Fractures and Hydrologic Zones Intersected by a Borehole"

29 Nov2007

Dr Tsang Chin-Fu

15 November 2007

The Magic of Sand

6 November 2007

Prof. David Muir Wood
Simplified Rock Blasting Concept and Typical Blast Designs in Different Applications

30 October 2007

The Missing Link in Nature Conservation - A discussion on the geological conservation and its future in HK

13 September 2007

Dealing with Ground Condition Risks

Julian Cohen
Risk-based Remediation: An Overview of the UK Contaminated Land Regime

13 June 2007

James Potter
Application of Chemical Grouts to Tunnel Repair - Latest Technology

23 May 2007

Vincent Chien / Thorsten Tatzki
Seawall reclamation failure

15 May 2007

Blasting-related failures

15 May 2007

Tunnel related failures

15 May 2007

Junk Bay controlled tip failure

15 May 2007

Slope failures

15 May 2007

Trench excavation failures

15 May 2007

Geotechnical Advancements in Hong Kong since 1970s

15 May 2007

Soil Nails in Loose Fill Slopes, A Preliminary Study


HKIE, Geotechnical Division
Tunnels and Caverns in Hong Kong


Working Group on Cavern and Tunnel Engineering
Instrumentation for tunnelling


David Sein
Geotechnical Review of TBM Tunnelling in Urban Areas


Ralph Tam
GI for Tunnel Projects - Horizontal Directional Coring

Janice Tam
Tunnel Blast Design

Tim Magub
Blasting Assessments

Mark Wallace
TBM Selection and Specification

Bradford F. Townsend and Paul E. Jenkins
Planning a Tunnel and it’s Excavation

Alan Morris
Planning Interventions

Guy Bridges
What safety options are available for compressed air tunnelling at working pressure higher than 3.45bar?

Dr. Ronson. C.T. LI