Geotechnical Paper Award

The HKIE Geotechnical Paper Award is a biennial award organized by the HKIE Geotechnical Division to encourage high quality geotechnical publications that targeted practicing geotechnical engineers in Hong Kong.

The 2018 Exercise

The Award is presented to two papers on by , Chairman of the HKIE Geotechnical Division. The title of the papers, and the views of the Assessment Board For selecting Each For the Award, are as follows.

A report on the 2016 exercise has been published in the proceedings of the 36th HKIE Geotechnical Division Annual Seminar and reproduced here.

The Award Scheme

Contending papers are assessed in respect of their potential to advance local practice and the quality of writing. Click here for a gist of the assessment approach conceived at the creation of the scheme. The best paper that meets the standard desired will be selected for the award. If the entries are of distinct types such that it is not possible to compare the best of the different types for the best overall, more than one Award may be made in an exercise. The Award will be presented to the winner in an open ceremony, tentatively set to be the HKIE Geotechnical Division Annual Seminar of the year of the award exercise. The winner will receive a trophy, to be kept until the time of the next award exercise. Each author of the winner paper will be presented with a plaque and a certificate.

Enquiry and Views

Enquiry and views may be made to Ir. YC Chan.

Assessment Board

An Assessment Board will be set up to select the best paper for the award. It will be chaired by the Chairman of the HKIE Geotechnical Division. The Deputy Chairman of the Division and five members from a standing Assessment Board Panel will also sit on the Assessment Board.

Assessment Board Panel

The Assessment Board Panel comprises eminent members of the geotechnical profession with an interest in and a track record of quality technical writing, who are also knowledgeable of the local geotechnical industry. Members are selected from the Panel to form Assessment Boards to suit the subject of contending papers and background of authors. There are at present sixteen members in the Panel, as follows.

Ir Ian Askew
Dr Andrew KC Chan
Ir Chan Yun‐cheung
Dr John L Endicott
Dr Steve Hencher
Ir Ken KS Ho
Ir Chris Howley
Ir Koo Yuk‐chan
Dr Lau Chi-keung
Ir Leung King‐wai
Ir Dr Eric SF Li
Dr Victor K S Li
Professor Andrew W Malone
Dr Richard P Martin
Professor Charles WW Ng
Dr Jack Pappin
Professor L George Tham
Ir Wong Chi‐ming
Ir Wong Hok‐ning
Professor Yin Jian‐hua

Professor Wilson Tang, who was Head of the Civil Engineering Department of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, served on the HKIE Geotechnical Committee between 1998 and 2001. He proposed in 2000 to set up an award for high quality papers. The result was the Best Geotechnical Paper Award that aimed at recognising outstanding geotechnical research or project work with significant added values to the profession. It ran for six years and was stopped in 2007.

Professor Wilson Tang passed away in 2012, after an illuminating career in education and application of probability in managing engineering uncertainties. In the memorial service in Hong Kong in summer of that year, his aspiration for an award to recognise quality publications in Hong Kong was mentioned, and inspired those who respect and love him. The Geotechnical Division Committee looked into the feasibility of revitalizing the initiative. Senior members of the local geotechnical community were consulted. Those who worked on the previous scheme were approached for their experience and insight in difficulties met.

Upon careful deliberation, the Geotechnical Division Committee noted the room for and merit of an award scheme to recognise high quality papers written for practitioners. Papers that target practitioner will be more appealing to and readily comprehended by them, and hence more effective in sharing insights from cases, findings from studies, and trends of technological development. They play an important role in advancing technology and geotechnical practice in Hong Kong through nurturing a well informed and inspired profession. The proposed award will encourage authors to invest effort in this direction.

The renewed scheme is called the HKIE Geotechnical Paper Award.

A note that provides the essence of the scheme considered by the Geotechnical Division Committee is attached for those interested to catch the spirit of the Scheme as agreed for launching.

(1) The HKIE Geotechnical Division reserves the right of not making any award.
(2) The decision of the Assessment Board on the winner paper is final.
(3) For papers published as preprints in online journals, the date of publication is that of its inclusion in the online journal.
(4) The winner paper, if by overseas authors, may have one of the authors to be reimbursed for the cost of an economy class airfare to attend the award ceremony and receive the prize in person. Subject to its approval, the HKIE Geotechnical Division may arrange suitable accommodation for the author.