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'The Fugro Prize is established and organized by the Geotechnical Division of the HKIE with the very generous support of Fugro (Hong Kong) Limited to recognize geotechnical, study, research or project work with significant contributions to the advancement of the geotechnical practice in Hong Kong. # The prize is an annual award for the author(s) of the best papers in geotechnical and or geo-environmental engineering. The Fugro Prize Winner will receive an award of HK$10,000 and a winner trophy; the First and Second Runners-up will receive an award of HK$6,000 and HK$4,000 respectively, plus a trophy. In addition, the HKIE Geotechnical Division will consider sponsoring winners of the Fugro Prize to attend a geotechnical conference held in Hong Kong or overseas. # Scope and Eligibility All classes of the HKIE members at or under the age of 35 on 1 January 2019 are eligible. Authors may also submit papers jointly but limited to a maximum of two eligible authors per paper. Papers relating to research, engineering works, and student projects that contribute to geotechnical or geo-environmental practices in Hong Kong are all eligible. # Criteria of Award Papers shall be prepared in accordance with a prescribed format, which can be downloaded from GD/HKIE web site (i.e., with a size not more than 8 pages and be able to support a presentation in 15 minutes. The papers selected for the award are based on the scientific or technical merits, creativity and originality of the papers as well as their potential contribution to geotechnical and/or geo-environmental practices in Hong Kong.

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Top-up Course for TCP T3 on GIFW and Building Works with Significant Geotechnical Content

The main objective of this short course is to provide graduate engineers/geologists/technical inspection supervisors the basic knowledge in geotechnical training which is needed for those with less than 2 years of relevant experience being qualified to be TCP T3 for GIFW and Building Works with Significant Geotechnical Content in accordance with Table 8.6 of “Code of Practice for Site Supervision 2009”.

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The 16th World Conference of the Associated Research Centers for the Urban Underground Space - Integrated Underground Solutions for Compact Metropolitan Cities

The conference will invite globally recognized speakers and world authorities in Urban Underground Space to share their experiences and knowledge with planners, architects, engineers and researchers in the region. It is intended to hold keynote presentations to showcase latest thinking and approach in integrated compact city urban design. Parallel sessions to suit various interests will be organized to further present the state of the art in those related and key underground space disciplines. Discussion and debate will be sought to analyse and assess topical key issues related to urban underground design and implementation. The conference will seek high quality papers that can provide insight, rigour and useful practical examples of integrated underground solutions for compact metropolitan cities. For details, please visit the Conference Website.

The Geotechnical Division is considering to sponsor up to 2 engineers to join the Conference. Subsidy for registration fee of the main conference will be offered to successful applicants. For detail and application form, please download the form.

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Contract No. HY/2017/02 - Lift and Pedestrian Walkway System between Kwai Shing Circuit and Hing Shing Road, Kwai Chung

The main objective of this Contract is to construct a lift and pedestrian walkway system between Kwai Shing Circuit and Hing Shing Road in Kwai Chung. The works are including (1) Construction of a lift tower with three lifts of about 30 meters (m) in height adjacent to Hing Shing Road, (2) Construction of a covered elevated walkway of about 60m long and about 4.5m clear width to connect the above lift tower and the southern footpath along Kwai Shing Circuit; (3) Widening of the southern footpath along Kwai Shing Circuit between Shing Fuk Street and Hing Shing Road to about 2.75m; (4) Widening of the western footpath along Ko Fong Street to about 4.5m; (5) Ancillary works, including improvement on pedestrian facilities, geotechnical, drainage, public utilities, landscaping, public lighting, electrical and mechanical (E&M) works, and re-provisioning of playground facilities; and (6) Provision of the establishment works.

In this visit, participants will gather at the site and a presentation on the works and challenges of the project will be given, followed by a site visit.

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Challenges in Design and Construction of Deep Excavation

Due to scarcity of land, especially in urban areas, the need for basements to optimise the use of land has resulted in construction of deep excavation works. Deep excavation works pose great challenges to geotechnical engineers, particularly in complex ground conditions such as in limestone, where it exhibits notorious karstic features with irregular bedrock profiles, variable weathering condition, cavities and slime zones. With proper geotechnical input, costly failure and delay associated with underground works such as excessive groundwater lowering, occurrences of sinkholes, excessive ground settlements, etc. can be prevented. Suitable temporary earth retaining system and rock strengthening works have to be properly designed to prevent such failures. The presentation highlights design principles of temporary earth retaining system together with vertical rock excavation as well as three case studies including from Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) projects, from various challenging geological formations found within the Klang Valley of Malaysia; Limestone, Kenny Hill formation and Alluvium with high ground water table.

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