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Digital Technology and the Thames Tideway Tunnel

This presentation will demonstrate some of the real-life benefits of BIM adoption and use on one of the largest and most ambitious city sanitation projects in the world; Thames Tideway. Comprising of a series of tunnels beneath the river Thames, passing through areas congested with services and transportation connections, many of which are well over 100 years old, the project is an immense challenge for the team responsible for its construction. Focusing on the east section of the project, of which Mott MacDonald is lead designer, this talk will introduce the historic background and the unique legacy left by great engineers, such as former ICE presidents Joseph Bazalgette (1882-84) and Basil Mott (1925) and show how technology is being used to assist modern engineers to solve historic problems in unique ways

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The HKIE Geotechnical Division 39th Annual Seminar, 2019 - "Transformation in Geotechnical Engineering - Technology, Digital and Innovation"

Despite the general image of being orthodox and under-digitised, the construction industry have recently been going through marked transformation towards digitisation and the use of smart and innovative technology. Together with the advance in engineering theory, testing and analysis, design methodology and construction technique, great possibilities arise for our geotechnical practitioners to continue creating engineering wonders to resolve various challenging issues in Hong Kong as well as in overseas. The HKIE GD chooses “Transformation in Geotechnical Engineering – Technology, Digital and Innovation” as the theme for its 39th Annual Seminar to capture and showcase the success and achievement we have made so far in aspect. It also provides a platform for our practitioners to share innovations, ideas and techniques in geotechnical engineering, with the aim of generating useful insights for the geotechnical profession to pursue higher goals and meet new demands.

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How Digital Technologies Can Reduce Construction Cost

This presentation will demonstrate how adopting digital technologies can drive down construction cost through optimised design, shorter programme duration, risk mitigation and reduced site rework. Cost in not only measured in dollars; there is also an environmental cost to any development, and digital technology can help to reduce and alleviate this as well. Using real world examples, and highlighting opportunities and threats associated with digital project delivery, I hope to demonstrate the compelling case for fully embracing BIM on your next project. Providing some context, and charting the rise of digital disruption in construction, I shall also attempt to explain the “why” as well as the “how” to BIM.

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Quality Supervision of Soil Nail Construction

PNAP 284 (Reissued as APP-135 in 2009) "Quality Supervision of Soil Nailing Works" was promulgated in October 2003 stipulating the supervision, testing and certification requirements of soil nailing works. This course aims to provide participants with technical training in quality supervision at various stages of soil nail construction. It highlights common anomalies encountered and introduces the use of non-destructive techniques to check the quality of constructed soil nails.

The medium of instruction is Cantonese (with English terms). A 30-minute written examination (multiple choice questions in both Chinese and English) will be held at the end of the course.

This course is intended for resident site staff (including ARE, SIOW/IOW, WS I/II), contractor’s site representatives (including foreman and site agent) and works supervisors in the private sector. It is also highly relevant to graduate engineers and professionals who want to know more about quality supervision of soil nail construction in Hong Kong.

A Certificate of Attainment will be issued to participants who have attended this one-day course and have passed the examination.

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Contract No. HY/2015/06 - Provision of Barrier-free Access Facilities for Highway Structures - Phase 3 Contract 8

This project comprise of construction of rock-socket mini-pile and shear mini-pile as the pile cap to retrofit barrier-free access facilities for Six existing footbridges and Two existing subways in the New Territories (in North District, Sha Tin District, Tai Po District and Yuen Long District).

Civil works, geotechnical works, electrical and mechanical works, modification works for existing structures, road and drainage works and landscaping works are associated with the above mentioned.

In this visit, participants will gather at Tsuen Wan SRE Office and a presentation of works and challenges of the project will be briefed, followed by a site visit .

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