Transformation in Geotechnical Engineering - Technology, Digital and Innovation

annual seminar organised by Geotechnical Division


Despite the general image of being orthodox and under-digitised, the construction industry have recently been going through marked transformation towards digitisation and the use of smart and innovative technology. Together with the advance in engineering theory, testing and analysis, design methodology and construction technique, great possibilities arise for our geotechnical practitioners to continue creating engineering wonders to resolve various challenging issues in Hong Kong as well as in overseas.

The HKIE GD chooses “Transformation in Geotechnical Engineering – Technology, Digital and Innovation” as the theme for its 39th Annual Seminar to capture and showcase the success and achievement we have made so far in aspect. It also provides a platform for our practitioners to share innovations, ideas and techniques in geotechnical engineering, with the aim of generating useful insights for the geotechnical profession to pursue higher goals and meet new demands.

Date and Venue

11 April 2019 , Theatre 1, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Topics Relevant to the Theme

Members, practitioners and academics from all professional disciplines are invited to contribute on topics and cases relevant to the theme, such as:

i) Advances in geohazard investigation and mitigation
ii) Innovation and/or improvement on geotechnical design approaches
iii) New construction skills / techniques for challenging ground conditions
iv) Use of smart, environmentally friendly and/or sustainable construction materials
v) Smart instrumentation and monitoring
vi) In-situ and laboratory tests
vii) Physical and numerical simulation
viii) BIM, data analytics, and/or machine learning
ix) Research and development
x) Case histories

Call for Abstracts

Submission of abstracts of not more than 500 words is invited. Please send the abstract to Ir Dr S.W. Lee by 31 January 2019. Acceptance of the abstract will be announced by early February 2019.